Connected Pool App

Project Scope: Product Design
My Role: Experience Design Lead


Pentair Pools approached Intrepid looking for a partner to help build a compelling mobile experience for their customers. They sought to provide a future vision of the product ecosystem, which combined great design and technical feasibility. In short, they desired to translate their connected variable speed pool pump controls from the complicated hardware device to a more streamlined and intuitive mobile interface. At the same time, they wished to create a lifestyle experience that was more compelling to their customers than a simple “remote control” app.


In order to achieve our goal, we built our concept with the following guiding principles in mind:

1. Audience
First and foremost, we needed to consider the types of people who want a gadget like this, and what level of tech are they comfortable with.

2. Use Frequency
How often does a user want or need to clean their pool? Do they want to do this manually, or would they prefer a preset automated schedule?

3. Integrations
From Amazon Echo, Apple Watch, to IFTTT recipes - what existing tools could we leverage to make this tool even smarter and more convenient for pool owners?

4. Branded Alerts
What elements of Pentair’s existing brand could be leveraged to make alerts fun and insightful as opposed to just being pushy?

5. Energy Efficiency
How valuable would it be to provide the user any feedback on how efficient their system is in comparison to others in their area?

Keeping these considerations in mind, we designed a lifestyle IoT app that allows the user to control their connected pool pumps remotely, while also offering smart insights and recommendations designed to help them maintain the usability of their pool. The app factors in weather and atmospheric influences in order to make proactive suggestions to help the user keep their pool clean while keeping their energy low.