About Me


On Values

With over a decade of experience designing for digital products (web and mobile) I bring demonstrable skill and expertise to any project. During my career I’ve been lucky enough to work with clients in many industries (health tech, finance, transportation, IoT, hospitality, and government) and have partnered with clients of all sizes, from start-ups to a Fortune 10 company. While I strongly believe that there are lessons to be learned from every project, it is a brand’s mission that is most important to me. In an increasingly complicated world, I hope to not only create products that will disrupt industries, but in doing so will also create positive impact on the lives they touch. I strive to not only produce good work, but to do so with integrity.

On Process

I believe that to produce good work, you must maintain a solid process. Whether it comes to structured brainstorm sessions with the client, regular design reviews and retrospectives, or working hand in hand with engineers, a strong yet nimble process leads to increased efficiency, greater consistency, and higher quality of deliverables. I work hard to ensure that every member of my team is aligned to the same north star — that we are always working together to achieve a common goal.

On Leadership

In my current role, I oversee design processes and standards for a constantly growing team of 55 designers across 4 geographic locations. I am responsible for managing ongoing training and skill development of our team members, as well as for overseeing and maintaining our best practices when it comes to delivery, workshop facilitation, hiring, and estimation. In short, I make sure that our design team stays at the top of its game—that our quality stays high and that our collaboration with other departments stays efficient.

You Can Find Me

I currently working as Creative Director at Intrepid, a part of Accenture Interactive.


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